Product Certification

To address the growing and very promising markets of Russia and the Former Soviet Union telecom, wireless and IT equipment manufacturers’ strategies should be tailored accordingly. In order to be successful, the greater part of the strategy is achieving a smooth and efficient equipment homologation/type approval. A vendor with the best but non certified products very often loses a deal to its competitor possessing the proper certificates or declarations of conformity.

Product certification in Russia is a complicated and time-consuming process which differs from other countries' practices. There is a tremendous amount of paperwork followed by regulatory type approval testing and a factory audit. Along the way vendors may also face many unforeseen ‘red tape’ situations, which could seriously impair progression, i.e. obtaining a certificate of conformity to a distribution partner’s name or incorrect identification and positioning of particular equipment in terms of technical regulations in force. Some vendors refuse to enter the Russian/FSU market for fear of having no idea how to approach product certification.

Being in constant touch with certification service providers and authorities we are aware of the latest changes in certification legislation and technical regulations and are capable of providing vendors with the most efficient options.

EZSolutionS will provide assistance in walking you through the process to obtain country-specific certificates and declarations of conformity. Our company will facilitate the homologation/type approval procedures of telecom, wireless and IT equipment in a timely and cost effective manner:

  • Communications systems certificates and declarations of conformity
  • TR CU certificates and declarations of conformity (replacing GOST-R)
  • FSB approvals and Ministry of Industry and Trade import licenses for encrypted products
  • Certification exemption letters
  • Telecommunications licenses